Reasons to use Custom Design

Have you ever found yourself shopping for something, but you quite don’t know what it is? And while shopping for a special piece you say “I’ll know it when I’ll see it”?  

If this is you, and you have trouble finding something you truly and really love, then CUSTOM DESIGN is for you.

Custom design can be applied to many areas, such as clothing, jewelry, shoes, cars, and of course, home décor and architecture, among many other areas.

The reasons and advantages of using custom design are the following:

Uniqueness of design

Custom pieces can be used to define a space or to create a statement.

By creating a custom piece you can specify how the pieces come apart and how maintenance will be done.


Double door main entry Rancho Cielo
Statement door in Rancho Cielo, found here



Size can be used to create a statement.

Oversized products may be manufactured in pieces to facilitate transportation and installation at site, due to their large scale.


Custom lighting and entry door



Unity of design

In order to create a strong and cohesive design concept throughout, custom pieces may come into play.


Forge With Quality
Custom lighting and furniture used to create a stronger design concept



Standard offering not available

A custom piece does not necessarily need to be a brand new product. It can draw inspiration from an existing product and have its specifications such as size, color, or materials altered to give it a refreshed look.


Custom chaise lounge by Fausto Polanco, found here



Specific performance attributes

Custom products can have their specifications altered to fulfill specific needs. Anything is possible if you work closely with your designer.


modern-entry (1)
Custom door with circular glass hinged for easiness of cleaning, found here



Little details such as initials, flowers, custom colors, all can be altered to make a one of a kind product.


Custom ottoman by Fausto Polanco, found here



Custom design is not as complicated as you think, with the help of a professional, your vision can become a reality.

Contact VRDE and we will gladly help you find that piece you are longing for!




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